It’s very quiet here

Not blogging much at the moment. Mostly because I am busy with work and life in general, but also because I am still trying to figure out the form and function of this blog. I have a lot of ideas for posts, but most are very long and quite geeky.

At work we are working around the clock to prepare for the scandinavian premiere of Disneys KLOKKEREN FRA NOTRE DAME – The Musical (Hunchback of Notre Dame) on friday. And Immediately after that I’m going to Helsingør for FileMaker Devcon Scandinavia 2016, I’m planning on blogging a little from both.


Using FileMaker to hold an audition

Last thursday Fredericia Theatre held an audition for three of our upcoming productions (Disneys THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME – The Musical, The Trouble with Dough and Legendale). One of the challenges with this particular audition was the fact that the director were situated in USA while the audition were held in Denmark. I made a pretty simple FileMaker solution that not only were used to keep track of all applicants but also recorded each audition directly into Filemaker and uploaded them near realtime. I still have a few kinks to work out, but this particular FileMaker solution shows a lot of promise. It again shows that FileMaker is a powerful tool with a lot of practical application.

The first blogpost

Like so many other things, the first blogpost is always the hardest. So I will make it short. What can you expect from this blog? Nothing really, it is just a container for sharing some of my thoughts and ideas. You will probably see posts about my work, my family and my interest. Some of the categories I plan to visit will be: GTD / OmniFocus Social Media Music Photo- and Videography WordPress and FileMaker development And now… on to the second blogpost!